U.S. Figure Skating Partners with Taoti Creative to Reimagine Organizational Websites

U.S. Figure Skating has partnered with DC-based Taoti Creative, a full-service creative / digital agency, to reimagine the www.usfigureskating.org website and to enhance the organization's membership focused "Members Only" website.

Citing the need for a new online presence that allows for more efficient content sharing, mobile accessibility, and a user-centric digital strategy to help attract new skaters to the sport, while effectively serving the needs of the current membership, U.S. Figure Skating selected Taoti through a competitive bid process that began in November of 2018. Noting Taoti's extensive experience in creating user-centric digital experiences, as well as their expertise in open-source content management systems, U.S. Figure Skating identified Taoti as a natural fit for building the organization's next generation website

"Our website is the front door for our brand and we're really excited about this project." U.S. Figure Skating's Chief Marketing Officer Ramsey Baker said, “Our website is a launching point for current and future members, so this is a critical project for the long-term growth of U.S. Figure Skating. Taoti's past work, as well as their vision for the website and understanding of our goals, is of great benefit to our membership."

The new U.S. Figure Skating website will serve as a vital resource for the 192,000+ members of the U.S. Figure Skating community and aspiring athletes alike to inform, inspire, and continue growing proactive efforts in one of the most heralded sports in the Olympic movement. The final product will be a device friendly website that will create a better user experience for all who visit the site, whether they are looking for something specific, or just trying to learn about the sport and organization.

“There’s more to a website than just a place to put a bunch of online content. Our objective for U.S. Figure Skating is to not just build a fancy, new website, but to really re-think their digital presence and strategies so that the features and functions we create really move the needle for their entire organization—not just their web presence,” says Brent Lightner, Taoti’s founder and CEO. “With U.S. Figure Skating’s 100-year anniversary to take place in 2021, and the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China to follow shortly after, this is an exciting time for U.S. Figure Skating, and we’re excited and honored to be part of their next chapter.”