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Published 10 times per year, SKATING magazine is the official publication of U.S. Figure Skating - the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States. Figure skating is one of the most popular sports on television today, and the increased television exposure has resulted in more and more people taking up the sport for recreational and competitive purposes. SKATING magazine, the oldest continuing publication dedicated to the sport (est. 1923), reflects the public's excitement for the sport by providing in-depth coverage of the skating world. It is the perfect print vehicle for tapping into the sport's popularity. SKATING is a full-color, newsstand-quality publication with a circulation of more than 43,000 and a readership of more than 130,000. The magazine features articles on U.S. skaters at every level from new skaters to national-level competitors. SKATING also highlights adult skaters as well as synchronized skaters and provides a variety of educational articles to help guide skaters in the pursuit of excellence.

Who Subscribes to SKATING?

All members of U.S. Figure Skating receive SKATING magazine. The majority of U.S. Figure Skating members (and SKATING subscribers) are involved in the sport of figure skating in some aspect, either as an athlete, parent, coach or fan. Member surveys have shown that the majority of U.S. Figure Skating members are girls 18 and under who actively participate in the sport. Their parents are also avid readers of the magazine, and there is a fast-growing segment of adult skaters in U.S. Figure Skating as well. However, SKATING also boasts a number of non-member subscribers. Research has shown the following facts about figure skating fans: 84 percent are women; 61 percent are between the ages of 35-64; and 65 percent are in $75,000+ income households. These dedicated followers of the sport, along with athletes who compete at the local, national and Olympic levels, make up the majority of SKATING's subscribers. For more information about U.S. Figure Skating's fan profile, check out our Fact Sheet.

How Advertising in SKATING Can Help You

Subscribers to SKATING are actively involved in sports. They are consumers of recreational, exercise and sports equipment; clothing and accessories; cosmetics; video and audio equipment; and a gamut of fast foods and beverages. As both a consumer and trade publication, both publications offer ultimate exposure for your product to the people who make purchasing decisions. Although our readers are primarily active skaters, that's not all they're involved in. For that reason, these are ideal publications for products and accessories targeted to the under-18 crowd, especially girls. With low advertising rates, SKATING magazine can help you reach your ideal target market with the highest return on investment possible. To start your advertising campaign with SKATING Magazine and U.S. Figure Skating, please contact Brian Burns.