U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters Staff

U.S. Figure Skating staff work to carry out the policies set forth by the organization's volunteer constituency and administers the day-to-day duties of the organization.

Staff Directory

All U.S. Figure Skating employee email addresses are "first initial" + "last name" + "@usfigureskating.org". (For example, John Smith's email address would be jsmith@usfigureskating.org.)

Jared Allen Manager, Product Support
John Anderson Staff Counsel - SafeSport
Sarah Arnold Manager, Athlete Development
Ramsey Baker Chief Marketing Officer
Ingrid Benson Manager, Athlete High Performance Logistics
Mollie Brauer Specialist, Member Services
Donna Brown Fullfillment Specialist
Concetta Brooks Graphic Designer
Brian Burns Coordinator, Marketing
Mia Corsini Director, Events
Karen Cover Museum Archivist
Brent Diederich Manager, Giving Programs
Justin Dillon Director, High Performance Development
Kathy Drevs Director, Governance and Operational Support
Bob Dunlop Senior Director, Events
Andrew Fitchett Network Administrator
Kyleigh Gaff Coordinator, Synchronized Skating
Leslie Graham Senior Director, Synchronized Skating and Skating Programs
Dalean Greenlee Special Assistant to the Executive Director
Jim Gurnsey IT Helpdesk
Jessica Herbst Manager, Team USA
Kimberly Berry Hines Director, Membership Development
Richard Hoggatt Manager, Facilities/Mailroom
Sora Hwang Manager, Digital Content and Fan Engagement
Robert Keene Specialist, IJS Technology
Erika Lehman Manager, Marketing
Kevin Leonardo Director, Event and Video Production
Debbie Lyons Purchasing Manager
Consuelo Mendez Specialist, Member Services
Andrea Morrison Creative Director
Mitch Moyer Senior Director, Athlete High Performance
Lindsay Mulvey Specialist, Accounts Receivable
Juliet Newcomer Director, Technical Services
Marissa Pederson Coordinator, Communications
Christalina Pencheva-Beshear Director, Finance
David Raith Executive Director
Mario Rede Chief Financial Officer and Senior Director, IT Operations
Barbara Reichert Senior Director, External Relations
Megan Romeo Coordinator, Competitions
Kim Saavedra Manager, Marketing
Troy Schwindt Director, Publications
Marta Shkilnaia Assistant, General Accounting
Shirley Soares Specialist, Product Support
Patricia Stanker Specialist, Membership Development
Toby Sturtevant Coordinator, Membership Development
Michael Terry Director, Communications
Susi Wehrli McLaughlin Senior Director, Membership
Mary Weissman Accountant
Karissa Woienski Manager, Figure Skating Programs
Angelita Wright Manager, Travel
Peter Zapalo Director, Sports Science and Medicine
Jaimie Zimmerman Coordinator, Events