Friends of Figure Skating Testimonials

Friends of Figure Skating members and U.S. Figure Skating athletes share their thoughts on what their FOFS membership means to them.

Mary Crispin (L) and Diane Knowlton at a "Destination Vancouver" function
"So many good things have come from my Friends of Figure Skating membership that it's hard to pick my favorites. Of course, I love my collection of member pins and calendars, but my favorite 'perk' is the 'Thank-you Breakfast,' where I've had a chance to meet one on one some of the best of the best of Team USA as well as some exciting up-and-comers.

"The greatest highlight for me has to be sharing a photo op and chatting with Evan Lysacek when he won the gold in LA at the 2009 Worlds Championships, and then again in Lake Placid, where he took home the gold at 2009 Cancer.Net Skate America. Another special moment to me was being the lucky winner of a skater(s)-autographed skate boot - yes, Evan signed it, too - at the 2010 breakfast in Spokane, delivered to me at my table by Olympian Mark Ladwig.

"Don't miss out on your chance to meet and greet your favorite skaters - become a member of Friends of Figure Skating. To borrow a phrase, Amazing awaits!"

Mary Crispin
FOFS Friend
Member since 2007

"I love being a Friend of Figure Skating! It gives me great access to skaters, like at the FOFS breakfast at the U.S. Championships. I've gotten to meet many of my favorites and find out that they're just normal, everyday people. I also like being able to buy event tickets before they go on sale to the public, so I can get that perfect seat. Most of all, it just feels good that a donation to FOFS is going to such a good cause!"

Margaret Tompkins
Member since 1995

"Skating is a balancing act, and not just on the ice. A balance must also be struck between talent and funding, and far too often the former loses out to the latter. I know you share my passion for skating and believe that talent, passion and dreams should not be brushed aside because of monetary deficiencies."

Susan Bonn
Member since 2001

Jennifer Comeaux (back row, far left) and Sylvianne Pizzaro (back row, far right) were part of a group that got to have dinner with Olympic silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White.
"The member breakfasts are what I enjoy most about my FOFS membership. Meeting and talking with skaters is a lot of fun; making new friends from around the country who enjoy figure skating as much as I do is priceless.

"It really has been great fun making new 'skating' friends. I'm already counting down to this year's Skate America in Portland, Ore.!"

Sylvianne Pizzaro
FOFS Friend
Member since 2008

"I've been a member of FOFS for six years, and my experiences have only gotten better and better. Through FOFS, I've met other enthusiastic skating fans, learned more about our incredible skaters and had the amazing opportunity to take a backstage tour at Skate America. The receptions are what I most enjoy about FOFS, as they are a chance to speak one on one to the skaters and to win some fantastic prizes. They are always a great way to wrap up an incredible week at an event."

Jennifer Comeaux
Member since 2004

"We joined Friends of Figure Skating several years ago because we saw it as a good opportunity to 'rub shoulders' with skaters. What happened, though, was quite a lot more than we had hoped for. Not only have we gotten to watch younger skaters mature into thoughtful young adults but we've also been introduced to the families of married skaters. At last year's U.S. Championships, we were fortunate enough to have breakfast at the same table as sisters Caydee Denney and Haven Denney...what a treat! One year we attended a celebration that allowed us to speak to U.S. and Olympic champions and watch them get rewarded for their achievements. We had the chance to see the influence that figure skating had on a wonderful lady who is now a world-class designer - all in the same room, just inches away from us!"

Steve and Sherry Smith
FOFS White
Member since 2004

"I always wanted to become more involved with supporting the U.S. Figure Skating Team, so when I saw the very first ad to join Friends of Figure Skating, I called immediately.

"I most look forward to the events at which Friends of Figure Skating get to meet members of Team USA. Having the chance to interact with these skaters and chat with them has been great! Hearing them talk about their goals and their appreciation of FOFS, knowing that assistance from FOFS helps with their training, has been heartwarming.

"I value my FOFS membership because of its benefits and the support it gives our skaters. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Audrey Hong
FOFS Friend
Member since 2002

Off-ice couple Amanda Evora and Jeremy Barrett at the FOFS breakfast at the 2010 AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Wash.
"We thank you, our friends - friends who just happen to love figure skating. It has been a blast receiving your support over the years at the breakfasts held at Skate America and the U.S. Championships. You've been able to watch me and Amanda grow and, most recently, become Olympians. Please continue to support our skating by being a Friend of Figure Skating.

"We look forward to seeing you at breakfast in North Carolina...we always arrive late, so save us some eggs!!!"

Mark Ladwig & Amanda Evora
2010 U.S. Silver Medalists

"I fondly remember my introduction to Friends of Figure Skating at the annual meet-and-greet breakfast at the 2005 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Portland, Ore. I had just won the U.S. novice ladies championship, and I was honored to be included among the Broadmoor Skating Club's medalists at that event. It was there that I learned of the contributions made by FOFS, and since then I have seen how their efforts contribute each year to our sport. I cannot thank the Friends of Figure Skating enough for their continued support!"

Rachael Flatt
2010 U.S. champion

"I would like to give a great, big 'Thank you!' to all our Friends of Figure Skating! You have made our skating events a lot more fun. Seeing all your familiar faces in the seats, and getting the chance to meet you, has made our events feel more like family reunions and less like competitions (minus the burnt turkey and arguments over how many games the Chiefs will win, of course). I can't wait to see you all soon!"

Ryan Bradley
2007 U.S. silver medalist