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U.S. Figure Skating has a representational government. That representation takes the form of delegates appointed by clubs and individual members. The number of delegates representing a club and the individual members is based upon the prior year's paid registered membership. Athlete delegate representation is required to be 20 percent of the prior year's registered delegate and proxy votes. Collectively these delegates meet annually (typically early May) to review, amend and ratify the actions taken by the Board since the prior year's Governing Council. This annual meeting of the appointed delegates is called the Governing Council.

The U.S. Figure Skating Board of Directors makes many decisions during the course of the year. Those decisions are reported at the conclusion of each meeting and posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website. All decisions are also included in the meeting book, which is distributed to all delegates not less than 21 days prior to the annual Governing Council. Those decisions (with the exception of those specifically reserved by rule or bylaw to the Board) are subject to amendment and approval or ratification by the delegates.

The meeting book will contain all decisions of the Board (Reports of Action) made since the last Governing Council, new Requests for Action as presented by various committees, a copy of the Convention Standing Rules (how the meeting is conducted), budgeting information and support materials, and biographical information of the candidates running for elected office. Many clubs will hold a meeting prior to the Governing Council to discuss the issues as presented in the meeting book and will instruct their delegates how to vote on certain items.

The Governing Council is run based on Roberts Rules of Order (RRO), newly revised. A parliamentarian will assist the meeting chair or possibly even conduct portions of the meeting and will explain things as the meeting progresses. It is useful to have some basic knowledge of RRO and the convention standing rules will serve as a supporting companion to RRO.

The specific bylaws pertaining to Governing Council are posted below:

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