Senior Director of Membership
Susi Wehrli McLaughlin

Senior Director, Synchronized Skating and Figure Skating Programs
Leslie Graham

Director of Membership Development
Kimberly Berry Hines

U.S. Synchronized Skating
U.S. Synchronized Skating


U.S. Figure Skating has a number of programs that make it easy for athletes of any skill and interest level to participate in skating.


Synchronized skating, a team sport in which 8-20 skaters perform a program together, is a popular discipline both within U.S. Figure Skating and around the world. Read more...

Adult Skating

Whether you are new to the sport of figure skating or a seasoned veteran ready to return to competition, the U.S. Figure Skating Adult Skating Program has a place for you! Read more...

Theatre On Ice

Theatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of figure skating that is most popular in Europe, where it is known as Ballet on Ice. It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Read more...


Graduating high school does not have to mean graduating from figure skating. Once enrolled in college as a full-time student, U.S. Figure Skating offers athletes many opportunities to participate in special programs geared toward the student-athlete. Read more...

National Showcase

Showcase fuses artistic creativity with figure skating for single skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven and production numbers of eight to thirty. Read more....

Solo Dance Competition Series

The Solo Dance Competition Series serves as a membership and dance discipline development tool, and is open to individual skaters within the Eastern, Midwestern and Pacific Coast sections. Read more....

National Skating Month

National Skating Month is an opportunity for rinks and local programs to celebrate skating, alert local media and invite members to perform and host activities that will attract new families to the wonderful world of skating. Read more...

High School Programs

Mixing school with the many hours of training you do for figure skating is difficult, but it's not impossible. Skaters have managed to balance skating and studies for years, and the two are compatible. Read more...

Special Olympics/Therapeutic Skating

The importance of physical fitness focuses attention on healthful exercise for everyone, including those who are mentally and/or physically challenged. Medical and sports professionals as well as skaters suggest that supervised ice skating is a beneficial physical activity for providing healthy exercise and enjoyment for people with many different needs. Read more...

6.0 System

The 6.0 system is still in use at some events in the United States, including many of those associated with the programs in this section. Read more...