U.S. Synchronized Skating

Chair, Synchronized Skating Committee
Lisa Insley, lisamarsocci@gmail.com

U.S. Figure Skating, Synchronized Skating
20 First Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
P: 719.635.5200
F: 719.635.9548
E: Synchro@usfigureskating.org

Senior Director, Synchronized Skating and Skating Programs
Leslie Graham
Email: lgraham@usfigureskating.org
Phone: 719.228.3414

Coordinator, Synchronized Skating
Kyleigh Gaff
Email: kgaff@usfigureskating.org
Phone: 719.228.3478

Chair, Synchronized Management Subcommittee

Robin Greenleaf, robin.s.greenleaf@gmail.com

Chair, Synchronized Skating Development Subcommittee
Heather Paige, heatherpaige@me.com

National Vice Chair for Synchronized Skating, Judges Committee
Colette Nygren, cbnygren@gmail.com

Chair, Synchronized Competitions Subcommittee
Ann Buckley, adbuckley@comcast.net

Sectional Vice Chairs, Synchronized Skating Competitions Subcommittee

Eastern - Matthew O'Toole, matthew.s.otoole@gmail.com
Midwestern - Elizabeth Harty, MElizabethHarty@gmail.com
Pacific Coast - Mary Ann Wilcox, wilcoxmh@aol.com

Collegiate Committee Contacts

Chair, Collegiate Programs Committee - Suzanne Schlecht, suzanneschlecht@yahoo.com
National Vice-Chair of Synchronized Skating - Lee Ann Shoker, shokerla@miamioh.edu

PSA Chair of Synchronized Skating
Holly Malewski, hollyteets@aol.com