Evan Lysacek Kicks Off Governing Council Annual Meeting

Evan Lysacek was the keynote speaker at Governing Council.

(5/6/05) 2005 U.S. and World bronze medalist Evan Lysacek opened the 2005 U.S. Figure Skating Governing Council with a keynote speech detailing his amazing season. Lysacek, who thanked the organization, his family, coaches and friends for contributing to his success, received a standing ovation from the approximately 700 people in attendance.

After a day of panels and seminars on Thursday, the business of the annual meeting began early Friday morning. Topics on the agenda include the ISU new judging system, which must be passed by the Governing Council to go into effect in the U.S. this year. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the system on Wednesday.

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Friday's Governing Council News

Notable actions Friday included:

Approved Exhibit F, separating the Singles/Pairs Committee into a Singles Committee and a Pairs Committee

Referred to committee Exhibit G, which would have redefined who can serve as a group coordinator

Did not approve Exhibit H which would have established a new permanent committee named the Presidents' Council

Approved Exhibits L and M, which allowed for the establishment of an Audit Committee and Compsensation Committee, respectively, as permanent committees

Approved Exhibit J, which changed the governance structure of U.S. Figure Skating, merging the two tiers of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee into one, smaller Board of Directors. The board will be reduced from 29 voting members to 15 voting members, consisting of the president, three vice presidents each representing a different section, secretary, treasurer, four group coordinators, two coaches and three athlete members.

Approved MR 5.01, increasing annual dues of member clubs based on the total number of persons registered, with the following amendment: the dues change will only apply to active and inactive clubs, and NOT collegiate clubs. Dues will be based on club memberships as follows:
Fewer than 100: $50
100, fewer than 200: $100
200, fewer than 300: $150
300, fewer than 400: $200
400 and higher: $250

Approved MR 5.10 raising registration fees for members of member clubs and collegiate clubs effective 2006-2007. In that first year, the first family member will pay $35, and second and subsequent members will pay $10. In 2007-2008, first family members will pay $35, second and subsequent members will pay $12; in 2008-2009, first family members will pay $40, second and subsequent members will pay $15.