SafeSport Program

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Verifying SafeSport Compliance Requirements

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SafeSport Presentation from 2018 Governing Council

U.S. Figure Skating strives to provide a safe environment for its members that is free of misconduct and harassment. The association will not tolerate or condone any form of harassment or misconduct of any of its members including athletes, coaches, officials, directors, employees, parents, volunteers or any other persons while they are participating in or preparing for a figure skating activity or event conducted under the auspices of U.S. Figure Skating. All forms of misconduct are unacceptable and in direct conflict with U.S. Figure Skating rules.

The U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program addresses the following types of misconduct:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Physical misconduct
  • Emotional misconduct
  • Bullying, threats and harassment
  • Hazing
  • Willfully tolerating misconduct

All individuals, regardless of membership with U.S. Figure Skating, are encouraged to report suspected violations of SafeSport.

To make a report, email or call 719-635-5200.

U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Handbook

As found within the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Handbook, the SafeSport Program includes policies and guidelines that apply to all U.S. Figure Skating members, clubs, programs, events and activities and involves several key components:

We all can play a role in preventing abuse and reducing misconduct in sport. The U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program provides resources for all members to identify abuse and misconduct, steps that can be taken to reduce it and procedures to respond to it.

The SafeSport Program also includes required training of coaches and select U.S. Figure Skating volunteers, officials and staff members on recognizing and reducing circumstances for potential misconduct to occur; information on U.S. Figure Skating's mandatory screening and background check program; the procedures for reporting suspected misconduct (including protections from any retaliation or repercussions for such reporting and procedures for disciplinary action for failure to appropriately report and for making a false report); the procedures and means by which U.S. Figure Skating and its member clubs and programs should respond to allegations of misconduct; and how U.S. Figure Skating and its member clubs can implement this program to help ensure its effectiveness.

U.S. Center for SafeSport

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Covered Individuals who are over the age of 18 are required to report suspected SafeSport Code violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct. Covered Individuals who fail to report SafeSport Code violations may be subject to disciplinary action.

How to Report Sexual Misconduct Violations
Individuals should report suspected sexual misconduct violations directly to the Center.
Online Reporting Form
Phone: (720) 524-5640

Athlete Protection Policies

As found within the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Handbook, U.S. Figure Skating has developed policies for its member clubs to help them address misconduct if it should occur, and to reduce, monitor and govern areas where potential misconduct could occur. U.S. Figure Skating recommends that its member clubs adopt the SafeSport policies below that are applicable to their club and facility to reduce the risks of potential misconduct:

Take the Training

Take the Training

USOC SafeSport Training Intro Video


SafeSport Related Articles
Club SafeSport Compliance Chair

To ensure that the SafeSport Program is implemented in all U.S. Figure Skating member clubs, each U.S. Figure Skating member club is asked to designate a club board member to hold the title of SafeSport Compliance Chair. The specific duties of the club SafeSport Compliance Chair will include monitoring the SafeSport policies and procedures of the club; verifying that all of the coaches who are engaged in any type of coaching activity with any club skater are in compliance with the U.S. Figure Skating coaching membership rules regarding background checks and continuing education requirements; and serve as the initial contact in the club for persons to report suspected misconduct or other violations, and when necessary, report such information to U.S. Figure Skating. Please refer to the Club SafeSport Compliance Chair job description for more information.

SafeSport Program Resources

The SafeSport Webinar Series is available for on-demand viewing in the Member's Only section of (Must log-in to access).