Jurisdiction: the relationships of U.S. Figure Skating with the International Skating Union and with the skating associations and clubs of foreign countries; the selection for and entry of figure skaters to represent the United States in World Championships and other international competitions and in the Olympic Winter Games; and the issuance of sanctions for U.S. Figure Skating skaters in foreign countries (except Canada) and for all foreign skaters (except Canadian) in the United States.

Wendy Enzmann

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The U.S. Figure Skating International Committee is responsible for the approval of criteria used to select and enter athletes to compete in all international competitions, the ISU Championships (World Championships, Four Continents Championships, World Junior Championships) and the Olympic Winter Games.


The mission of the International Committee is: to select the U.S. Figure Skating Team that wins the maximum number of international medals and berths possible by strategically providing experience to qualified members of the U.S. Figure Skating Team, and by identifying and supporting the best qualified future prospects. The International Committee is also responsible for the approval of criteria used to select athletes to the team envelopes.

A team envelope consists of athletes (singles, pairs and dance) as having competitive potential to win medals in international, world and Olympic competition.


The International Committee consists of 35 members: the chair, a vice chair from each section, the chair of the Athletes Advisory Committee, the International Committee immediate past chair, the U.S. Figure Skating immediate past president, the group coordinator, six athlete members, one of whom shall have synchronized team skating experience, and seven members from each section. These seven members from each section shall consist of the U.S. Figure Skating vice president, two coaches and four general members.

The International Committee shall have a nine-member Management Subcommittee (ICMS), which is responsible for nomination and entry of athletes to compete in all international competitions and the World University Games, based on the approved criteria. Additionally, the ICMS shall name athletes to the team envelopes based on the approved criteria.

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