Jurisdiction: the maintenance and administration of rules governing and applying the U.S. Figure Skating Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and all other U.S. Figure Skating rules addressing issues of ethics and member or member club conduct.

Alison Hershberger-Filo

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Why Are Ethics Important in Sport?

Sports are based on the premise that participants strive to do their best to win under an established set of rules. The participant who turns in the best performance under established criteria is the athlete who should "win." Ethics and ethical codes are at their heart about the fairness, honesty and integrity of competition. They say what is allowed and what is not allowed.

The ethics of sport are also about the human value of the athletes, coaches and officials. They are about respect and integrity. They are about keeping the focus on the athlete and on the ice and not on personalities and side issues. Ethical rules do not produce good sportsmanship, that comes from the character of the skaters, coaches, officials and parents. The ethical rules are a reminder of the minimum that is expected of people in figure skating and set a floor for behavior. Conduct below the floor is harmful to the sport and to the development of athletes.

The ethical rules are also about the good government of our clubs and organizations. They are about the honesty and integrity of handling the funds entrusted to promote and develop skating in the community. They are about avoiding the conflicts of interest and "insider" politics that exclude people or make them feel unwelcome.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for working with other committees to develop rules to reflect our community standards of behavior. We are also responsible for taking action to enforce those rules on behalf of the association when necessary. Our goal is to foster an environment in which skaters can excel and all can enjoy the sport that we love.

The site contains a list of the members of the Ethics Committee and contact information for them. If you have suggestions for rules changes or know of a recurring problem that ethical standards might help to alleviate, please contact me or the committee member closest to your club.

Ethics Committee Members
Alison Hershberger-Filo Chair
Karen Terry Perreault National Vice Chair
Lorie Charbonneau Member
Linda Chihara Member
Robin Greenleaf Member
Jed Hopkins Member
Carol Murray Member
Matthew O'Toole Member
Antonio Torres Member
Kym Worthy Member  
Roberta Young Member
Derrick Delmore Athlete Member
Emily Hughes Athlete Member
Ryan Jahnke Athlete Member
Tessa Hedges Athlete Member
Heidi DeLio Thibert Coaching Member
Robert Kaine Coaching Member
Karen Dillon EX-Officio
Jaclyn Ward Vargo EX-Officio
Steve Wolkin Group Coordinator
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