Sanctions and Eligibility

Jurisdiction: the maintenance and administration of rules governing carnivals and exhibitions on ice held in the United States; the participation by registered skaters in carnivals and exhibitions in the United States and Canada and by Canadian skaters in the United States; the granting and refusal of sanctions for such carnivals, exhibitions and appearances; the determination and collection of fees and assessments for such sanctions; the determination and control of the amount of expenses and the type and value of gifts allowed to registered skaters appearing in any such carnivals and exhibitions; the definition of eligible and ineligible persons in skating; the maintenance and administration of rules governing standards of participation in U.S. Figure Skating activities by eligible persons and others; the investigation and punishment of violations thereof; the classification of eligible persons and others; and the reinstatement of persons whose eligibility has been lost, suspended or restricted.

Dee Pascoe

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U.S. Figure Skating Sanction Officers

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