Board Report of Action for Nov. 6, 2010

taken by the
Chicago, Illinois
November 6, 2010

(Revised Feb. 12, 2011)

The Board of Directors took the following actions:

1. APPROVED the reappointment of Henry Fein as a trustee on the U.S. Figure Skating Foundation Board of Directors.

2. APPROVED a provisional sanction for: 2012 U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships; December 9-13, 2011; East Lansing, Mich.; Lansing Skating Club

3. APPROVED the following appointments and promotions:
    From the Competitions Committee
    • Dann Krueger, Minneapolis, Minn. - National Singles & Pairs Referee
    • Michael Stafford, Tampa, Fla. - National Announcer
    • Patricia French, Mitchelville, Md. - Honorary National Referee
    From the Technical Panel Committee
    • Alex Chang, Norwalk, Calif. - National Singles Technical Specialist
    • Cynthia Stevenson, Southborough, Mass. - National Singles Technical Specialist
    • Dorian Valles, Carlsbad, Calif. - National Singles Technical Specialist
    • Scott Cudmore, Raleigh, N.C. - National Pairs Technical Specialist
    • Brenda Kickertz, Rockford, Ill. - National Singles, Pairs and Dance Data Operator

4. ACCEPTED the following national resignations
  • Patricia French, Mitchelville, Md. - National Dance Judge and Referee, National Synchronized Judge and Referee
  • Aaron Parchem, Auburn Hills, Mich. - National Pairs Technical Specialist

5. APPROVED the nomination of Dann Krueger to take the exam for promotion to ISU synchronized skating judge

6. APPROVED the Audit Report for the 2010 FY Financials through June 30, 2010.

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