Board Report of Action for June 1, 2010

taken by the
By Conference Call
June 1, 2010

The Board of Directors took the following actions:

1. APPROVED amendments to rules 3065 and 3066 as recommended by the Rules Committee for the following rules: (15 yes, 0 no)
    3065 Eligibility of Non-U.S. Citizens to Compete in National, Sectional or Regional Championships in Singles, Pairs, Dance and Synchronized Skating

    3066 Non-U.S. citizens who are members in good standing of U.S. Figure Skating and have never competed internationally for another national skating federation may enter U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competitions and higher if qualified by test level.

2. APPROVED to amend IJOCR 3.05 [International Judges and Officials Committee] by the addition of a new item A to read as follows: (15 yes, 0 no)
    IJOCR 3.05 The recommendation for nomination for ISU or international referee, and ISU or international technical panel officials in all disciplines must include the same data prescribed for national, sectional and regional referees in CR 7.03 (A)(B)(C) or technical panel officials in TPCR 3.01 - 3.04.
      A. To be considered for nomination, a technical specialist must:
        1. Have been a former competitor at a U.S sanctioned regional, sectional or national championships
        2. Be a citizen of the United States
3. APPROVED that the amendment to IJOCR 3.05 be declared urgent to become effective June 1, 2010. (15 yes, 0 no)

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