National Skating Month

Don't Miss February's SKATING magazine article about National Skating Month.

National Skating Month is an opportunity for rinks, member clubs and programs to celebrate skating, invite new families to try ice skating by offering free lessons, conduct skating demonstrations and promote skating with your local media outlets.

The theme of the 2015 National Skating Month campaign is "Skating is for Everyone!". Throughout the month of January, we encourage every rink, figure skating club and Basic Skills Program across the United States to host free events inviting people to give skating a try. Through a series of organized on- and off-ice acticties, everyone will enjoy a fun-filled day at the rink.

To find a list of all registered National Skating Month events and locations, click here.

For Participants:
Have you ever wanted to lace up a pair of skates and try to get on the ice? Now is your chance! Learning to skate is easy and fun. It requires a little determination and a lot of practice. Before you know it, you'll be gliding around forward and even backward! Whether your goal is to learn to skate backward, spin really fast or even land an Axel, we've got the place for you to start!

Remember, every champion had to begin with a few lessons - just like you!

To learn about ways to get started, suggestions on what to wear, how to fit and lace skates properly and some easy tips for your first steps on the ice - click here.

For Event Sites:
To assist you in getting organized, there are additional resources for you to access and download. Please click on Administration Manual for step-by-step instructions on how to host your open house, which contains helpful ideas and tips on organizing your own safe and fun skating event. Also, please use the promotional fliers that you can customize to start advertising your events, read the Media Package for tips for gaining media attention that include templates of sample press releases to customize and share with local media outlets, plan to have someone read the proclamation at the start of your event, and much more below.

Highlights - If you are looking for some new ideas, take a look at the posted Highlights for summaries of past events, photos and clips.

Video Contest:
This year, as part of National Skating Month, U.S. Figure Skating is hosting the 3rd Annual National Skating Month Video Contest. This year the contest includes individual skaters, small groups, and Synchronized or Theatre on Ice teams. The video contest is for skaters who have passed their pre-preliminary, preliminary or pre-juvenile moves in the field or free skate test January 1st, 2014 or later. We are also inviting all beginner and preliminary synchronized skating teams to participate.

Reach out to any skaters or teams affiliated with your club or program that may be interested in participating. Skaters/teams will submit a 30 second (or less) video stating why they love figure skating by January 2nd, 2015. The top video will be selected as the winner and will receive a U.S. Figure Skating prize pack along with having their video featured during the 2015 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships in January. The winning videos will also be distributed to all member clubs, rinks and basic skills programs participating in National Skating Month to use during their events.

Please follow the link below for more information about the contest and to submit your video.

Enter the National Skating Month Video Contest

Don't forget to tell us about what you're doing to celebrate. As soon as your event is completed, please send us photos, videos, summaries of your events, news stories or clips and we will post them throughout the month to share with our membership.

Always remember that It's Great to Skate!

2015 National Skating Month Resources
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