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Club Spotlight: Let Us Entertain You: Senior Adults Dazzle at U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships
by Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz, special to U.S. Figure Skating Online

Barb Foley first stepped on the ice at the age of 29. Now, 66, this dynamic lady has no thought of ever quitting. In fact, at the recent U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in Hyannis, Mass. Foley splurged and bought new skates.

Foley, a member of the Glenwood Figure Skating Club and a resident of Orchard Park, Ill. joined fellow skaters in the Adult Bronze Light Entertainment 5 Division. She skated to Katy Perry’s "Roar", dressed as, what else? A tiger.

"My favorite events are the showcase spotlights," Foley said. "I love creating the numbers and the ideas and just having tons of fun."

The Light Entertainment segment of the Adult Championships is one of the most popular events in all age categories, and senior skaters embrace it with gusto and see it as a chance to get on the ice, shine and show their creative side. Light Entertainment Skate features programs designed to be light hearted, entertaining, upbeat, clever or comedic and the program can even incorporate some type of gimmick.

Ruth Morse, 65, of Hadley Mass., a member of the Western Mass Figure Skating Club, performed as "Wonder Woman" in the Bronze Light Entertainment 5 and won the pewter medal. She also won silver in the Adult Bronze Dramatic Skate 5. It was her first U.S. Adult Championships.

"I love the idea of having the different age groups," Morse said. "And I go home with all sorts of wonderful ideas for future programs. I am making a list."

Donelda Horne, of the Granite State Figure Skating Club, competed in three events, the Masters Light Entertainment Skate 4 & 5, Masters Junior Ladies 4 & 5 and Masters Dramatic Skate 5, where she won the gold medal.

"It’s just a lot of fun and a very different environment," Horne said.

During past years the Adult Championships have been a showcase for the talents of adult skaters who have dedicated hours, days and years to achieve their personal best on the ice. The 2014 competition marked the 20th anniversary for the event

"Competitions such as the U.S. Adult Championships give adult skaters the opportunity to perform for the judges, but especially for their faithful audiences," event chair and President of the Yarmouth Figure Skating Club Donna Wunder said. "This is an extraordinary undertaking that requires patience, hard work and courage not only for the skater but also for their coaches and their weary and hopeful families."

Foley also enjoys the camaraderie the competition brings.

"It’s like a big reunion," she said. "Each time you come you look forward to seeing each other again."

For Horne, it is the wonderful support she receives from her fellow skaters. Adult skaters fill each event to the rafters and cheer on each and every skater. Horne is proud to be one of them.
"We are all in this together," she said. "It is all about standing up and living through it."

Barb Foley performs to Katy Perry's "Roar" and Ruth Morse shows off some supe moves during the 2014 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in Hyannis Mass.

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